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he 20th Annual Genes, Brain & Behavior Meeting in Rochester, Minnesota, May 17-21, 2018.

The focus of the new 2017 issue of G2B REVIEWS is Drug Addiction. Drug addictions are serious medical conditions that have genetic and neurobiological correlates that remain elusive, but which are subject of intense investigation. This issue of G2B REVIEWS presents a dozen articles on the latest breakthroughs in drug addiction from some of the leaders in the field. Access the entire issue for free: click here




The next FENS Regional Meeting will take place in Pécs, Hungary20 - 23 September 2017. 

Registration for the meeting is now open and FENS, similar to previous Regional meetings has allocated a number of travel grants to support attendance from early career scientists. We kindly ask you to share the following information with your members and post it on your website, please.

FENS Travel Grants
Travel Grants for young qualified researchers offered by FENS will be available for attending the 5th FENS Regional Meeting. The FENS FRM 2017 travel grants amount to a maximum of 500 €.

The deadline for application is 30 April 2017.